Welcome to the cycle path public art project!

Welcome to the Concorde Cycle  Path Public Art Project.  This is a project to create public artworks for the cycle paths involving year 10 pupils from Abbeywood Community School. Bradley Stoke Community School and Patchway community College.  The project is being coordinated by Pete Moorhouse – a sculptor and public artist.

There are many possible locations for Public Art along the routes

The objective of the Public Art program is to add interest for the users of the cycle paths with engaging artwork and secondly to attract and encourage  motorists to use the cycle paths.

Please see the links at the top of the page for the different schools. Here I will be documenting their emerging ideas. In November we will be showcasing their final proposals before selecting the works to be fabricated and installed.

Greater Bristol is England’s first Cycling City and the strategy is being delivered by a partnership of Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council. The cycling strategy consists of a series of major infrastructure initiatives and a programme of ‘Smarter Choices’ measures, designed to offer people the information, motivation and training they need to take up cycling.

This initiative, the Concorde project, has begun in South Gloucestershire with the aim of providing cycle connector routes between secondary schools in the area – allowing pupils to travel to lessons between schools as part of their curriculum.

Work has started on many other routes in the area including safe cycle routes around the A38 – one of the busiest and most congested traffic routes in the area – to make cycling between the main places of employment, education, shopping and housing easier and safer for residents. By March 2011, work will have been completed on almost 50 roads or cycle paths.

We look forward to creating exciting artwork to enhance these routes and attract more people to use the cycle paths.

Pete Moorhouse        www.petemoorhouse.co.uk


Installed artworks

Selected Designs

It has been really tough to select works as there were so many wonderful design concepts. In the end we choose works that were relativly easy to make so we can maximise the amount of work made within our budget. There are many designs that were fantastic but would be too costly to fabricate – unless we are sucessful in getting addittional funding.

Some examples of great ideas that were unfortunatly not selected include:

To see the selected works please follow the link below. At this stage it is not certain which of the selected works will actually be fabricated as we are still trying to attract funding.